Feature List

Tremendous Strength to Weight Frame

  • High wind: The geodesic frame is designed to withstand 147 mph winds when securely staked to the ground.
  • Snow load: The frame can stand over two thousand pounds of weight from snow. It can also support several hammocks from the hubs.
  • Portable: The Turtle Tuff frame is made of high strength, tempered, aircraft aluminum alloy, that give it the strength of steel with only one fourth the weight (98 lbs, vs steel= 400 lbs). Very easy to set up and take down to move to new locations. 220 lbs (Galapagos-24), 150 lbs (Snapper-16)= total weight in easy-to-carry or transport 6ea 55 lb or less pkgs.
  • Ease of Assembly: Two people can assemble the frame in less than one hour, and the entire unit in 3-4 hours.
  • Strongest design: The geodesic dome design was awarded: The strongest structure per weight by the American Architectural Association.
  • Water-tight, UV, Puncture and Tear Resistant Cover

  • Far superior to canvas or other tent material, designed to last 4 to 7 years constant use. Snow slides off easily
  • Made in the USA
  • Door/Window zippers included for simple, self customizing placement
  • Translucent cover for sky lights. Fold back insulation panels, velcro in place, replace at night
  • Heavy duty Puncture/Tear Resistant cover and floor. If punctured it will not rip in strong winds
  • Water proof to 90 lbs/sq/inch. No need to ever reat or seal seams
  • Hot House Cover

  • Multi laminate 80% translucent or transparent (green house model) cover with UV resist (4-7 yr) and nylon grid rip stop. Cover comes with window, door zipper kits, clip frame fastening system.
  • Insulated 4 Season Shelter

  • Space age, light weight, strong, High R value insulation kit

  • Cheerful, bright, reflective shelter interior for easy lighting
  • Interior Lighting Options

  • 72 LED, rechargeable battery powered, long life light module
  • Solar Panel Charger and AA battery holder for easy recharge during the day
  • Wood Stove Ready

  • Through-wall, high temperature-resistant stove flue jack kit included with stove package
  • We offer the KNI-CO Alaskan Deluxe package Includes flue pipe, cap, spark screen, 2gal SS water tank, warming shelf, damper.
  • Solar Oven Option

    The SUN OVEN is very well insulated, which allows food cooked in the afternoon sun to stay warm until it is ready to be consumed later in the evening.Temperatures of 360 F / 182 C make it ideal for cooking the majority of foods in the developing world. This ruggedly-built solar appliance weighs only 21 pounds / 9.5 kg and will last more than 20 years

    Complete instructions, DVD and photos for easy assembly

    Assembly DVD included with step by step instructions and photos. Also included is a 2 hr DVD video titled Every Needful Thing on emergency preparedness.